• Customer Testimonails

    After joining Refier, I am very happy with the help I got from experts and everything that I am learning is preparing me for the future

    Anita Agarwal Hyderabad
  • Customer Testimonails

    I am thankful to Refier for getting me in touch with one of the experts on Data Analytics which helped me in pursuing my career of choice

    Saswat Hyderabad
  • Customer Testimonails

    Refier has given me a platform to discuss and innovate on various idea that i had in mind through continuous guidance from the experts and interaction with like minded users

    Sunil Kumar Pune

Are you ready for Twenty First Century?

In the current Market Scenario, where Employability, Up-skilling and Re-skilling has become a bottleneck for growth, Organizations and Employees are looking for a Training and Development Medium that caters to not only Learning, but a holistic ecosystem around learning including Engagement, Awareness, Proactive Inclusion, Peer Learning, Expert Involvement and Personalized Learning.

Refier, a differentiated Knowledge Management Platform is the solution for you and your Organisation.
Refier will connect you and your Organisation with Trainers, Mentors and Coaches to enhance Skill levels for personal and professional growth, and nurturing the future leader in you. It will upgrade your Organisation’s learning ecosystem to remain competitive and relevant.

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Refier App Features

Community Centric Platform

A hierarchical structure with multiple levels of Stake Holders

Webinar Tool

To facilitate online sessions with Experts

Posting Questions

Addressing of user queries by Experts, Coaches & Mentors

Online Contests

Quizzes from the Experts to enhance various personality & goal oriented skills

Mentoring & Training Online

Coaching, Mentoring, Training & Consultation Online


Ongoing Thought & Knowledge share

On Demand Video Content

Recorded Sessions with Experts on various Topics

Reporting & MIS Tool

To record & monitor the performance metrics of Community Members, Coaches, Mentors and provide analysis to all stakeholders

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Various Kinds of Payment Modes

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